The Star Keeper

The Mystery of humans and stars






Humans weighted to the ground have always looked up to the sky with fascination, entranced by the twinkle of starlight. People since the beginning of time have looked for ways to explain this strange world they could see above them but which they were unable to enter. Legends abound from all around the world to offer explanations.






One account less well documented than others is that of the Star Keeper. This version of the heavens is both attractive and repellent at the same time as it panders to our modern fascination with time travel and portals but also includes an element of horror which if it were to be true would be shocking in the extreme and make us all look at stars with goosebumps.



One of the basic laws of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The consequence of this is that energy can be transformed into other versions. So light becomes heat, magnetism can cause electricity and so on.




The Star Keeper is a being who appears human but who with a life span of the universe is no ordinary human. imagesHe is said to inhabit areas where for some reason energy transference between humans and nature is possible. His function is to allow the energy of humans to be transformed in order to provide the energy necessary for the birth of a star. For this to be possible there would need to be some sort of portal through which a human can pass. Beyond this a dimension would need to exist where their organic energy can be transformed into catalytic energy able to trigger the collapse of molecular clouds (the first step in the process of the birth of a star).images-4

In more recent times Dr Ruxandra Dimbra of Armagh Observatory has brought this legend to a wider audience through her research work on the connection between stars and humans. Her first published paper on this subject was met with a varied response with most astronomers dismissing her ideas as far fetched and unlikely. She has not published in recent years and so it remains at least for the moment a novel idea. The idea of the Star Keeper remains firmly within the realms of science fiction for the meantime.images-2